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Suzan Tisdale
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Suzan Tisdale

TJ Mackay

USA Today Bestselling Author, storyteller, and cheeky wench SUZAN TISDALE has a passion for helping her fellow authors and is proud to have earned a reputation for being an outspoken defender of authors' rights, especially where book piracy is concerned. Twenty-plus titles and nearly ten years into her own career as an author and publisher, Suzan felt blessed beyond her own comprehension and decided to give back to the indie-author community.


She held her first author conference, in East Peoria, Illinois, in June of 2019. Attended by more than 80 authors of varying levels of experience and success, it was a small yet powerful event for all involved. Suzan's primary goal is to make each year's event bigger and better than the last.


Suzan lives in the Midwest with her verra handsome carpenter husband, and they are just one little bird away from becoming empty nesters. Their pets are the deer and groundhogs roaming the backyard, as free and unrestrained as the voices in her head.

Founder/Publisher -  InD’tale Magazine
The publishing industry’s most trusted publication for independent and small published authors and readers. With top level interviews, cutting edge information and educational articles, along with professional book reviews, InD’tale brings the very best in publishing to anyone who loves to read.  With worldwide distribution, InD’tale’s premier status was built on the high quality and professional yet personal interest Ms. Mackay is known and famous for.
Founder/CEO - RONE Awards
The first ever awards strictly focussing on the Indie and small published world.  Now dubbed, “The Oscars of Indie”, the RONE awards are not only the most prestigious award in the Indie industry but are also the most comprehensive awards in all of publishing today. 

Founder/Host - InD'Scribe Con and Co-host of Write Like a Pro with InD'Scribe Conference

With seven years experience working with publishing conferences and four years hosting one of her own, TJ is excited to pair with the Write Like a Pro conference and bring her skills and enthusiasm and help build the industry's very best author Con out there!  Because of her extensive experience in the publishing world, along with her upbeat and engaging style, TJ has also become a much sought after speaker and has enjoyed presenting and key-noting conferences all over the country.